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AP Biology Premium

ISBN: 9781438011721

Author: Deborah T. Goldberg, M.S.

AP Chemistry

ISBN: 9781438010663

Author: Jespersen, Neil D and Kerrigan Ph.D., Pamela

AP Computer Science Principles Premium

ISBN: 9781506267029

Author: Seth Reichelson, BS Mechanical Engineering

AP English Language and Composition Premium

ISBN: 9781506261935

Author: George Ehrenhaft, Ph.D.

AP English Literature and Composition

ISBN: 9781438012872

Author: George Ehrenhaft, Ph.D.

AP Environmental Science Premium

ISBN: 9781506261874

Author: Gary S. Thorpe, M.S.

AP European History Premium

ISBN: 9781438012865

Author: Seth A. Roberts, M.A.

AP Human Geography Premium

ISBN: 9781506258843

Author: Meredith Marsh, Ph.D. & Peter S. Alagona, Ph.D.

AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics

ISBN: 9781506263809

Author: Kacapyr, Elia; Musgrave, Frank; and Redelsheimer M.A., James

AP Physics 2

ISBN: 9781506262116

Author: Rideout, Kenneth and Wolf M.A. Ed.M., Jonathan

AP Psychology Premium

ISBN: 9781438012926

Author: Allyson J. Weseley, Ed.D. & Robert McEntarffer, Ed.D.

AP U.S. History Premium

ISBN: 9781506263052

Author: Resnick M.A., Eugene V.

AP U.S. Government & Politics Premium

ISBN: 9781506258690

Author: Curt Lader, M.S. Ed.

AP World History: Modern Premium

ISBN: 9781506253398

Author: John McCannon, Ph.D.