Barron's AP Online Tests

This is the Barron's AP Online Tests page for the Anne Arundel school district.

Please email for your login information to any of the following tests.

AP Calculus Premium

ISBN: 9781506261904

Authors: Bock, David; Donovan, Dennis; and Hockett M.A., Shirley O.

AP Chinese Language and Culture

ISBN: 9781438011844

Authors: Shang, Joanne and Shen, Yan

AP Computer Science A

ISBN: 9781438012896

Author: Roselyn Teukolsky, M.S.

AP Computer Science Principles

ISBN: 9781438012629

Author: Seth Reichelson, BS Mechanical Engineering

AP English Literature and Composition

ISBN: 9781438012872

Author: George Ehrenhaft, Ph.D.

AP Environmental Science Premium

ISBN: 9781506261874

Author: Gary S. Thorpe, M.S.

AP European History Premium

ISBN: 9781438012865

Author: Seth A. Roberts, M.A.

AP Microeconomics/Macroeconomics with Online Tests

ISBN: 9781438010656

Authors: Kacapyr, Elia; Musgrave, Frank; and Redelsheimer M.A., James

AP Music Theory

ISBN: 9781506264097

Author: Fuller Scoggin, Nancy

AP Physics 1 Premium

ISBN: 9781506262109

Authors: Rideout, Kenneth and Wolf M.A. Ed.M., Jonathan

AP Physics 2 with Online Tests

ISBN: 9781438011233

Authors: Rideout, Kenneth and Wolf M.A. Ed.M., Jonathan

AP Psychology Premium

ISBN: 9781438012926

Authors: Allyson J. Weseley, Ed.D. & Robert McEntarffer, Ed.D.

AP Statistics Premium

ISBN: 9781506258928

Author: Sternstein Ph.D., Martin

AP World History: Modern Premium

ISBN: 9781506253398

Author: John McCannon, Ph.D.